The Purna Museum of Newa Art is a museum in Lalitpur, Nepal, that houses a collection of Newa art, including paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts. The museum was officially opened to the public on Sept 3, 2023, by the Hon. Mr. Ashok Rai, Minister of Education, Science, and Technology in of presence of  Mr. Michael Kroft (director of UNESCO Nepal), Ms. Anjana Shakya (co-founder Bodhisattva International) and other esteemed guests from various walks of life. 

The collection on display is privately owned from the collection of Late Purna Man Shakya and Anjana Shakya, who had been collecting Newa art for over 40 years. The museum’s collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of contemporary traditional Newa. This museum is a tribute to the dedication and passion of its founders, Anjana and Purna Man Shakya, whose personal collection spanning four decades has culminated in this remarkable institution.


This museum holds the distinction of being the only institution entirely dedicated to showcasing contemporary Newa art. With an unwavering commitment to uplifting Newari artists and culture, the museum’s collection brings forth a renaissance in Newari art, encapsulating the essence of tradition while embracing modern artistic sensibilities. The Purna Museum of Newa Art encapsulates 40 years of dedicated curation, representing the apex of Newari artistry and craftsmanship.

General Admission: NRs.400
Student Ticket: Free Entry (Must provide valid ID)
Senior Citizen (60+): Free Entry (Must provide valid ID)

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