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Bodhisattva International is a parent company that encompasses various entities, including Purna Museum of Newa Art, Bodhisattva Foundation, Bodhisattva Gallery, and Bodhisattva Accessories. These brands cater to art enthusiasts and individuals interested in traditional contemporary Newa art forms.

The Purna Museum of Newa Art is a private museum, that houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of contemporary traditional Newa art from the Kathmandu Valley and is the only museum in the whole that is solely dedicated to Newa art forms. The museum was officially opened to the public in 2023. The collection on display is a personal collection of Anjana and Purna Man Shakya, who have been collecting and promoting Newa art for over 40 years. 

The Bodhisattva Foundation focuses on charitable initiatives, as we have always believed in giving back to society. The founders have been supporting children from rural parts of the country with their education as well as orphanages in Kathmandu Valley. We were actively been involved in providing food and medical supplies (with the help of client) to the needy and victims of the 2015 earthquake. Since 2023, we have started the Purna Man Shakya Memorial Art Award in keeping with our founder’s vision of continuing to promote the best art via the art competition. 

Bodhisattva Gallery has been working to create excellence in contemporary traditional Newar art. To do so, the gallery has been working closely with the artists, encouraging them to be creative with their work while staying within the iconographic boundaries. The founder and director have spent hours with the artists in order to bring out their best and get involved in every procedure. The gallery has always believed that their works should be shown to a wider audience, for which we have done many successful exhibitions that have been greatly appreciated. Our effort has always been to improve Newar art, which Nepal is renowned for. Most people have not seen this quality of artwork except in international museums, so these exhibitions are a way for them to see the best living art. Three of our works have been exhibited at the Welt Museum in Vienna, Austria. 

Bodhisattva Gift Shop offers a range of accessories that showcases Newa art. The gallery wants art to be accessible and affordable to all, and since 2016, it has been coming out giclée. In 2021, we started our jewelry line for men and women, inspired by traditional motifs and nature.

By bringing these entities together under one umbrella, Bodhisattva International aims to promote and preserve traditional Nepali art forms and culture.


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